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Minors ages 14+ can attend adult classes only with a participating guardian. 

LIFT. One on One

Personal Training

Personal training is a great option if you prefer to work out solo with a trainer, need more flexible scheduling or have a specific goal you'd like to work toward. Your trainer will develop a plan unique to you and your needs. LIFT offers individual sessions or bundles as well as hybrid monthly memberships! Interested in semi-private training? Contact us!

LIFT. Human

Group Class

LIFT. Human is our signature, coach-led small group class. Our progressive and measurable programming marries ‘functional' and traditional strength training and conditioning and incorporates a variety of modalities. This class is scalable to all fitness levels and developing proper form is always first priority. Most importantly, you will have fun, feel empowered physically and mentally, and move well in and out of the gym!

Lift. Barbell

Barbell Technique Workshop

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