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LIFT Training Co. whole-heartedly epitomizes the proverb,  

"It takes a village." 

The idea of opening a gym didn’t exactly feel like a common sense decision. It began as an exhilarating daydream clouded with wariness. 


Inspiration was found in subtle moments. It was chit chat and laughter between sets of deadlifts. The side eye and smirk insinuating a *friendly* competition was about to rev up. It was the vulnerability to try something challenging and the perseverance to try and try again. It was the veteran athlete helping to maneuver collars onto the newcomer's barbell. It was authentic pride felt for one another and oneself. And it was the invitation out to coffee after an hour of ugly, hard work. 


And so, our daydream became our pursuit and E V E R Y O N E turned up. The tireless effort from our team of dedicated coaches and the support, wisdom and generosity from our family and friends have been extraordinarily humbling and we are overwhelmed with gratitude. 


In and out of the gym, we celebrate each of our strengths and turn our weaknesses into learning opportunities. 

Join us in our mission

Raise the bar.

Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive, unpretentious and fun strength training community that extends beyond the walls of our gym. Here at LIFT, experienced athletes and beginners alike can come together and safely challenge themselves and others to work towards their unique and evolving health, training and lifestyle goals.

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